Kristin Ways is a SAG/AFTRA actress and model based out of Los Angeles, California. She was originally born and raised in New York, brought up within a large Italian family. In April 2009, Kristin landed her first role in a music video and was inspired to focus more on FILM/TV and modeling. So she took the leap and moved to Hollywood! There were many jobs she took on to work her way into this business, such as voice-overs, foot modeling and even being a stand in for Larry David on his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. From there, she began to land many roles in music videos, print work, and roles in tv shows such as CSI NY, BONES, and 1000 Ways to Die. Kristin is most known for her exotic beauty and her one of a kind look which can be described as a mixture. Fashion/editorial meets glamour! The 5’7 long leg model has walked multiple runways in various fashion shows, such as LA Fashion Week, but her proportions have found her working more as a lingerie and swimsuit model nowadays. With an extensive background of training from some of the best coaches in Hollywood, Kristin is no stranger for being in front of the camera. Groundlings, Playhouse West, Jon & Jan Workshops, and Hey! She has also worked with runway coach Michael Maddox, who taught her how to properly walk the runway and from there she was signed to Commercials Unlimited Agency. 

She is adored for her love and dedication to keep up with her fans. Health and fitness has been a passion of Kristins for awhile. Her hobbies are playing PlayStation, working out and cooking. Her newest project is “cooking in lingerie”.  In her blog she shares almost all of her life experiences. Kristin has worked with charities and organizations such as St. Jude’s hospital and PETA. Helping people and raising awareness is what really makes Kristin feel good.